After helping fundraise and working with hundreds of non-profits through Angel Auctions, it will allow us an easy way to select our recipients with these charities. However, we will still utilize our local schools, churches, and individuals to help bring those in need of what we can offer.

                                                                                           Here is what started it all!

​Experiences Foundation has blessed us beyond words, and it is hard to capture the effects of the experiences provided in just one write up.  My three boys have been through an unexpected life trauma that you could never expect in life, however, life throws unexpected turns that can either destroy or define our hope at times unfortunately. Just when life looked as dark as it had ever been for my 13, 9, and 6 year old boys an unexpected light shined on them for long enough to restore hope in a place of darkness. What makes this experience that they were blessed with even more amazing- it was also consistent, which is something that restores hope (as well as stability, loyalty, trust, and strong bonds) in children that have unfortunately been prematurely and unjustly served in life.

The Experiences Foundation treated my boys to the two most amazing memories that they have to hold onto in life, thus far, that they will never forget. My boys all play baseball and love their home team- the Atlanta Braves. This foundation treated them to an action packed, VIP, extremely special time with the Atlanta Braves not just once, but twice- once in the former stadium (Turner Field) and once in the new stadium. This foundation didn't just go above and beyond just once, but they showed their care and dedication to making my children feel special year after year.

These experiences allowed not only hope, but the ability for my children to not concentrate on their reality for long enough to restore smiles and fun during their time of sorrow. They all three still talk about their times with the foundation, and all have expressed the importance of spreading love to others due to the kindness that has been shown to them. The joy that fills my heart is directly from knowing how the experiences they have had directly effects my children's character, and inspires them to pay the kindness forward, it's a feeling every parent would love to feel. I could write the positives of this foundation and their gifts to my family for days and still could never capture the amazing feelings and inspiration that they continue to provide for my children year after year. We all four will be forever grateful. The Experiences Foundation restores happiness and hope in children during their times of darkness, and that is an amazing blessing we will never forget.

 -- Brooke Stafford

501(c)(3) Number:  83-1378150

Give the Gift of An Experience!

Why We Do This!

"Life is All About Experiences!"​
With Experiences Foundation, every child gets the attention he or she needs to bring out an Experience that will last a life time!
Selection Process

Event Experience

Over the 20+ years of working with different businesses,  individuals, non-profits, foundations, and a ton of great people, we have created relationships that will help us fulfill our Experiences.  This being said, if you or anyone you know would like to donate your time or Experiences, please contact us.

Wish List

​Our Upcoming Events!

We like to think of ourselves as a mini Make-A-Wish meets Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  Doing so, we will always use ourselves and background checked volunteers to help fulfill our recipients wishes.  Most of our events will be a single day, but we will also do some camps and scholarships to help out.