"Life is All About Experiences!"


About Us


Imagine if tomorrow, you were to wake up and your life had changed forever, having been diagnosed with cancer, or your child had to be rushed to the Children’s Hospital with no clue why they were sick, or the loved one that raised you unexpectedly passed away.  At some point in our lives, we will deal with the Experience of heartache and pain while dealing with a similar situation.  I truly believe life is all about Experiences and our goal is to make truly memorable one’s that will help individuals and their families forget about their problems for at least one day and focus on a fun memory!

EXPERIENCES FOUNDATION will offer, just that, an experience that will be open for all individuals and/or their families who have suffered a tough break in life.  After dealing with our own personal experiences, from losing family and friends to cancer and suicide, plus dealing with death, and children’s illnesses, we decided it is our mission to help those that have dealt with similar situations.  Whether it is bringing them to a day at the ball field or spending a day with their someone that works in their dream profession.  We look forward to offering many different events and programs while helping those we know in our circle of friends or those that are recommended through other community non-profits.  We like to think of ourselves as a mini Make-A-Wish meets Big Brothers, Big Sisters